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Organisations invest huge amounts to create a brand image.
A single person can shatter their time and effort...

Studies how that up to 40% of marketing investment is wasted. A key reason is that ill-formed or disinterested employees act contrary to the brand promise. Customers become dissatisfied because their brandbrand expectations have not been met. Many of these customers will not return - and will tell others about their bad experience. This multiplies the brand image negatively, resulting in huge losses in existing and potential business.

Brands are created in the minds of your customers

A brand is not just your product, logo or advertising campaign. It is a combination of these AND all the experiences that your customers have of you. A powerful brand creates a match between what it says it is, and what the public thinks it is.

For this reason, organisations are now waking up to the reality that their staff can make or break their brand! In this environment, managers seek answers to the questions:

How can we differentiate our brand from others?
How can we ensure sustainability of our brand power?

A study of organisations that have successfully resolved there issues reveals that the key lies in:

  • aligning - the brand promise with the brand delivery
  • creating - an internal work culture based on the brand promise
  • buliding - branded experiences as the differentiator in your products/services