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About HBC

HBC was founded in 1994 with Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. Together, they leveraged the Global Best Practice Knowledge base to enable clients to achieve best practice positions in various business processes. The firmís collaborative model provides clients with benchmarking knowledge to drive the implementation of strategies. Since then, HBC has helped hundreds of companies in almost every industry and with anywhere from 100 to 10,000 employees in the Asia Pacific Region.


Your organisation's success will be determined by how well and how fast you execute your strategy through business processes.  HBC is founded with a mission to inspire organization achieve excellence through provision of benchmarking, training & consulting & networking services

  • Benchmarking Studies: Receive consulting assistance to support your company’s benchmarking projects.
  • Consortium Studies: Link up with other member companies to save time and expense with group-sponsored benchmarking studies.
  • Facilitation: Receive the optimum results from your benchmarking and process improvement teams with expert facilitation.
  • Industry Meetings: Stay informed and involved with regular meetings held at convenient locations.
  • Common Interest Groups: Join forces with other members to make contacts and share information on your specific industry or process.
  • Training: Bring your benchmarking teams up to speed quickly with assessments of your training needs and customised training for all levels of expertise.
  • Consultancy: Take advantage of the opportunity to hear from some of the most prominent benchmarkers and process improvement experts at our annual conference.
  • Online Resources: Extensive collection of benchmarking and best practice information.
  • Stay tuned: Receiving monthly management brief which provides best practices, innovative ideas and research data on topics and tools that will help you to stay up-to-date on the latest international business trends and practices.