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How do I know if membership would benefit my organization?

To help you determine whether HBC membership is right for your company, here are descriptions of how others have used our services.

Example 1:
You are just starting a benchmarking effort. The challenge: educating both senior management and staff about how benchmarking can help the organization.
What we can provide:

  • Executive briefings on benchmarking and its value to management.
  • Benchmarking training to employees.
  • Publications and videos with both "how-to" guides and real-life examples of successful benchmarking activities.

Example 2:
You're ready to begin benchmarking - you have identified the critical areas of your organization that need improvement. The challenge: identifying best practice companies - and potential benchmarking partners.
What we can provide:

  • Secondary research and/or analysis through our "Global Best Practice".
  • Interactive on-line network for communicating with other members (under development).
  • Common Interest Group (CIG) sessions for meeting with others about key process areas.

Example 3:
You know what companies you'd like to benchmark? But now what? The challenge: locating benchmarking contacts.
What we can provide:

  • Contact services to present your request from a third-party voice?and to put you in touch with the right people at the right companies.
  • Contact database via the Internet for finding names (under development).
  • Screening services - HBC handles your contact process, whether designing surveys, making phone calls, analyzing results, or managing the entire process.

Example 4:
You want to learn by hearing about other organization's efforts in benchmarking and continuous improvement. The challenge: finding real-life benchmarking/improvement information.
What we can provide:

  • Member Meetings focused on hot benchmarking/improvement issues.
  • Annual benchmarking conference with some of the best in benchmarking presenting their stories.
  • Common Interest Group sessions with your peers telling their stores in a conversational setting.
  • Benchmarking publications.
  • Case studies of innovative organization's activities.

Example 5:
You don't have the time, staff, or expertise for benchmarking, but the "word" is that you must benchmark! The challenge: learning quickly and leveraging new resources.
What we can provide:

  • Training for your benchmarking team
  • Facilitation and guidance at key points during your benchmarking study.
  • Methodology and resources for collecting and analyzing information.
  • Assistance in forming benchmarking partnerships.

Example 6:
You are heavily involved with process improvement - but what's all the fuss about this "benchmarking?" Is Clearinghouse membership for you?

Definitely. Benchmarking is only one of many tools that those involved with process improvement use in their efforts.

Your membership will allow you to see how others are improving their processes. The solutions you'll hear in sessions such as Member Meetings, Common Interest Groups, or at the Annual Benchmarking conferences are still best practices that you can apply in your organization.