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Clients Forever® Training Workshop

This 1 day intensive workshop is for sales and service executives to start operating on purpose rather than by accident. Discover just how loyal Clients really are and a systematic way to build a Client loyalty so strong that Clients will make advisors a “line item in their budget”. Participants will learn to build long-lasting business relationships through the four steps that make the Clients Forever® format. In this training, financial planners and advisors will experience interactive processes that help develop a new skill set before they leave the class. Participants will experience working on themselves. It concentrates on understanding values, uncovering beliefs, determining principles, and ultimately establishing action steps that allow them to act with more conviction and certainty.

The workshop will quickly teach participants to build a referral system that always works by helping participants establish a true Ideal Client Profile. Advisors using this process are averaging 4 names per request and most of the referrals are at a higher level than the referee. Because of the innovative and practical practice periods you have the ability and confidence to implement the new skills when you leave the event which means your productivity increases...


December 3, 2003


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Royal Pacific Hotel, Imperial Room I & II, TST


HK$3,800 (inclusive of lunch & workshop materials)

HBC member/Group Discount Fee:



Why Satisfied Customers Defect and What to Do About It.”
* Creating Relevancy * The Unrecognized obvious truths about business * Why most Financial Advisors don’t reach their and goals and what to do about it

The First Step: Creating a Prior Presence
* Establishing what you don’t want * What’s important to you? * Understanding your own motivation * What runs your life * Increasing your results * What’s worth doing? * Who’s worth being around?

Conversation: How to Let Your Prospect Sell Themselves
* The questioning process that always convinces your prospect * How to convince new prospects to become clients

Fulfilling on the Impossible Promise
* How to resolve the conflict between sales and productions * Cleaning up your moments of truth

The Business Marriage
* Why most after-sale marketing doesn’t work and what to do about it * Client is not a Prospect for Future Sales * Re-discovering a simple yet powerful way to remind Clients of your Importance

Commitments, Action Steps, and Follow through
* 9 Interactive Processes * Developing New Skill Set

Your Facilitator

R. Douglas Carter, author of Clients Foreverâ is a graduate with Honors in Educational Psychology with a specialty in Behavior Modification that provides the foundation for helping achieve rapid results.
Doug specializes in creating measurable increases in sales, effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability. He works with financial planners and advisors to becoming Trusted Advisors and to increase sales productivity by installing confidence and new skills in them.

He is mentor for Bill Bachrach, one of the four most influential people in the Financial Services Industry by “Financial Advisor magazine” of the USA, and helped Bill created the “Trusted Advisor Coach (TAC)” program. He is one of the three TAC coaches, and conducts all Internal Corporate Instructor Training for Value-Based Selling™ Licensing.

Doug was CEO at Robbins Research, Inc. (the promotional company for Anthony Robbins) in the mid 80’s where he doubled sales in 75 days. He is one of the major contributors who helped design material for 2 of the major programs now being presented by Robbins Research, Inc. Before joining Robbins Research, Doug was one of the trainers who were certified to train instructors at Dale Carnegie, where he taught and trained instructors in public speaking, sales, management, customer relations, employee development, executive image and strategic presentations.