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Heros and Legends® - The Sales Manager Systems Training

Sales Managers probably still are great sales persons. As sales persons they’ve demonstrated initiative, drive, and determination. They worked hard. They paid the price. They made the sales and they got rewarded. Now, as sales managers, the harder they work the less effective they are. Because they know THEY can do it. But managing a sales force isn’t about THEM doing it. It’s about TEAM doing it. So the question becomes “How do you GET them to do it? And that is what the Sales Managers Systems Training is all about. How to GET THEM to do it.

It takes systems and a different set of skills to be an effective Sales Manager. When they take this Training they find themselves from the first hour learning the 6 Essential Sales Managers Systems. They will discover how to identify “true believers.” They will surprise them selves when they create their own system to recruit the right kind of sales person. They will create systems to train them, coach them, and motivate them. They will discover how to hold them accountable for their actions and inaction, and how to promote them or remove them as the case may be.


December 4, 2003


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Royal Pacific Hotel, Imperial Room I & II, TST


HK$3,800 (inclusive of lunch & workshop materials)

HBC member/Group Discount Fee:



Strategic Presentations
* Determine what message they have been sending their sales team * Discover how to create a more deliberate positive profile for their career

The Purpose of Purpose – Motivation
* Gut-check time”, they will find out the highest values of their sales team really are * create a “road map” for how to lead their team and develop their career * they will discover the basic foundation for their motivation

Managing Problems Effectively
* 2 critical time management skills to maximize their results * they will discover the 3 basic time management principles to guide their efforts

Their Ideal Client, Their Ideal Team
* They will discover new ways to find these ideal new sales people * a system to increase the loyalty of both new sales people and existing sales people * a system of hiring their “true believer” sales people in such a way they may even accept less money to go to work for you

A Selling System that always works!
* They will discover the 12 basic benchmarks for ALL sales systems * they will discover the real reason some of their salespeople aren’t selling as much as they could and what they can do about it

Accountability in Action
* They will walk away with the 5 fundamental tracking systems to know exactly where their sales people need coaching and training * how to establish meaningful goals and sales targets that actually work to motivate their sales people

Coaching and Training
* They will practice a time tested method for reviewing sales activity that dramatically increases their sales people’s results * they will discover how to coach their people in a way that builds their self confidence along with their skills

Sales Meetings that Create Results
* They’ll be taught the 6 essential elements of a successful sales meeting * they will also become more comfortable leading meetings

Systems Plans of Action
* They will walk away with the agendas and formats for their next 6 sales meetings * they will have a step-by-step plan of action for each one of the 6 essential systems * we’ll teach they how to work a follow-up system for their self that actually gets they results

Your Facilitator

R. Douglas Carter, author of Clients Foreverâ is a graduate with Honors in Educational Psychology with a specialty in Behavior Modification that provides the foundation for helping achieve rapid results.

Doug specializes in creating measurable increases in sales, effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability. He works with financial planners and advisors to becoming Trusted Advisors and to increase sales productivity by installing confidence and new skills in them.

Doug is one of the three coaches to conducts all Internal Corporate Instructor Training for Value-Based Selling™ Licensing.

Doug was CEO at Robbins Research, Inc. (the promotional company for Anthony Robbins) in the mid 80’s where he doubled sales in 75 days. Before joining Robbins Research, Doug was one of the trainers who were certified to train instructors at Dale Carnegie, where he taught and trained instructors in public speaking, sales, management, customer relations, employee development, executive image and strategic presentations.