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Managing & Sustaining Change Workshop

This is a practical workshop identifying best practices and methods for managing the human dimension of major corporate change initiatives. It will help corporate executives deal with a spectrum of practical issues ranging from cultural barriers, the role of senior executives and middle managers, the tools and techniques of change-management, through to organizational learning and the implications for sustaining the benefits of a major change program, such as the necessity for developing new performance measurement such as balanced scorecard and management models.


December 11, 2003


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Ballroom B, 2/F., Langham Hotel, 8 Peking Rd. TST


HK$1,900 (inclusive of lunch & workshop materials)

HBC member/Group Discount Fee:



The Change-management Imperative
The nature of change and the triggers for it. It also examines the reasons why change programs often fail, but presents a solution for creating conditions for success.

Corporate Culture, Transformation and Change
The main issues and principles for redesigning corporations will be discussed. Merger and Acquisition often create opportunity to re-structure for better organization.

Techniques for Tackling Resistance to change
A number of techniques will be discussed that companies have found useful in tackling some of the most common problems that they have encountered.

Change-management Roles and Competencies
Leadership of change needs to operate at every level of an organization from boardroom to the operational front line. Competencies need to be developed at all levels of an organization for change to be led effectively.

The Role of Organizational Learning
How learning and capturing knowledge are both core change-management capabilities. Organizations must incorporate these activities into the business in they are to continually improve their performance and market responsiveness.

Strategies, Methods and Systems for Sustaining Change
The test of successfully managing change is sustaining it over time. Practical and clear guidance on how organizations can manage and sustain change will be shown.

Setting Goals and Measures to Drive Change and Manage the Transformed Business
Integral to any change program are the goals and measures of performance that set the terms of reference for success and failure. The importance of taking a new look at measurement and using non-financial as well financial measures will be discussed.

Change-management Framework
There are many proven approaches to managing change. A number of frameworks will be shared. There is no cookie cutter solution to managing the transition of change.

Your Facilitator

Sidney Yuen has significant experience of helping companies that have wrestled with change. He was internal change agent for American Express, and was practice leader of its change management practice at Andersen Business Consulting, Greater China. He had worked with a number of clients in managing and sustaining change. He will show where companies commonly go wrong, and how they can tackle the problems constructively. He will provide participants with practical guidance and ideas that will help them plan the human side of organizational and performance improvement initiatives more effectively.