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Deepening Customer and Team Relationships Through Leadership Best Practices

Who Should Benefit?

Senior Executives seeking to further deepen customer and team relationships through leadership best practices

Your Facilitator

Robert White was Founder & Chairman of ARC International and is now Chief Learning Officer of Balance Point International. Robert’s experience encompasses almost 30 years in the training and human resources development industry. He was also the founder of Mind Dynamics, Lifespring and Life Dynamics, Asia’s pioneer personal growth seminar company. He is co-author of the award winning photo essay book, One World, One People; and author of Living an Extraordinary Life. Robert is a Baden-Powell Fellow of the World Scout Foundation, Director of Plant-It 2020 and also serves on the board of Advisors of New Dimensions Radio. Helping others to develop extraordinary personal leadership abilities, capacity and effectiveness is Robert White’s personal mission.


Leaders know that when it is important for their messages to be fully heard and acted on (always?), it is the depth and quality of RELATIONSHIP they have with their colleagues and customers that will make the difference. This highly interactive session will fully engage participants, ground them in a model of quickly generating deep and powerful relationships and encourage them to take the personal and interpersonal risks that will create a powerful experience of rapidly building trust.

Benefits for Participants: Session Features:
  • Recognize the importance of deep and meaningful relationships as a key aspect of leadership
  • Learn a model for accelerating the development of powerful relationships
  • Directly participate and experience aspects of the model that will call forth some risk & personal vulnerability …. In a safe environment
  • Gain clarity on how “take it home & act on it”
  • Install a mechanism to hold each other accountable
  • Leadership is needed & wanted
  • Effectiveness in leadership is correlated to relationships
  • Relationships are both art & science
  • Gain clarity on how “take it home & act on it”
  • You're responsible for building trust and there’re ways to accelerate your efforts and effectiveness
  • Use it or lose it
  1. Management & Leadership: The Distinctions
    a. What is needed & wanted?
    b. Owning leadership vs. whining about it
  2. Relationship as a key component of leadership
    a. When times are good or not-so-good
    b. You’ve got to have some “in the bank”
  3. Trust is the key building block of relationship
    a. It’s earned, not awarded
    b. I’ll trust you if ______ (multiple examples)
  4. A key “Trust Builder” is “if you share information
    a. Requires being open, honest & vulnerable
    b. The secrets you hold prevent trust building
  5. Now, what do you communicate?
    a. The power of Purpose
    b. Developing a Compelling Vision
  6. Now that you've had this knowledge & experience, how do you generate value from it?
    a. Commitment to act by a date certain with a specific person and outcome in mind
    b. Buddy system? You must be held accountable.
  7. Recognizing “The Gift You Are”

Venue & Fees

Date/Time: Nov 30, 05 (Wed) 9 am – 5 pm
Venue: World Trade Centre Club, 38/F.,
World Trade Centre, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
Fee Structure: HK$3,200 (members of HBC/Group Discount)
(if registered before Nov 2, 05)
  HK$3,800 (Normal fee)
* Fees : lunch, refreshment and training material included