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THE LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT® Suite of Tools Certification Workshop

Experience-tested, research-based and integrated, this is a comprehensive tool set that can be customized to fit any organization’s culture or way of operating. Tools you need from a full suite of content solutions that include printed and software products which can be used for job profiling, selection, training, performance management, development, team development and succession planning. Each tool stands on its own and is designed to accomplish a specific task. Since the suite is integrated, each tool can also work in concert with the other products in the suite to help organizations align individual behavior with the organization’s strategic intent.

Who Should Attend?

HR and Training Directors & Managers or any Senior Executives who are involved in talent recruitment and development


Day – 1 Introduction: Understanding Competencies

◆   Manage individual development and providing individual performance feedback
◆   Blend these research-based and experienced tested tools into:
-  Competency modeling
-  Gap Analysis
-  Conducting performance reviews and initiating performance improvement models
-  360 Evaluation
-  Assessing interview candidates and matching people to job
-   Evaluating a team requirements
-  Developing Success Profile for development and performance
-  Career Development management
-  Coaching and Mentoring

Day 2 – Certification in CHOICES and LEARNING FROM EXPERIENCE Interviewing

Assessing and Developing High Potentials: CHOICES is a unique tool that allows organizations to identify, validate, and select those who are most learning agile. Learning Agility is synonymous with potential. Our research indicates that those with greater learning agility are more successful after they are promoted than others. Talent is considered to be the people who are in the upper 10 percent of what they do. What separates the best from the rest is learning agility – the ability to be resourceful in the face of change.

Building Your Future Bench Strength by Interviewing and Selecting For Potential: People high in learning agility perform well under first-time, diverse, and adverse circumstances. Since learning agility is related to potential, selecting for learning agility helps organizations build their talent bench. Learning From Experience interviewing helps organizations learn to conduct interviews to assess potential as measured by learning agility.

Tools to be used at this workshop:

The Leadership Machine

  • Competency Sort Cards
  • Research and Interpretation Guides
  • Certification Manual w/norms
  • FYI: For Your Improvement 4th Edition
  • Leadership Architect
  • Quick Reference Guide


  • Sort Card Deck w/manual
  • Quick Score Paper Questionnaire
  • FYI for Talent Management
  • Broadband Talent Management


Venue & Fees

Date/Time: June 21-22, 2006, 9am - 5pm
Venue: The Royal Pacific Hotel, TST, Kln. HK
Fees: HK$12,000 (if registered before May 22, 2006)
HK$14,000 (Standard)
Lunch, refreshments & a comprehensive tool set.