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Innovate Workshop

The ONE DAY seminar which will ignite your teams to develop new ideas
and create new pathways to do business!

This 8 hour program provides leaders with a dynamic, playful and creative framework for innovation and agility to enhance the entrepreneurial instincts in their teams.

The experience and structure of the program is hands on to show leaders a pathway they can emulate and tools they can apply to:

  • Inspire and stimulate creativity and innovation within their teams
  • Explore ways to keep teams flexible, energized and empowered to be entrepreneurial and take risks
  • Release limiting control mechanisms and explore beyond boundaries of possibility
  • Deal proactively with issues and problems that inhibit innovation
Course Outline

8 steps to create and nurture innovation in team environments:

  1. Defining the problems – identifying the need to innovate
  2. Letting go of control – the first steps to open up and interact with new ideas
  3. Working the group dynamics – creating a safe and trusting environment, viewing multiple perspectives
  4. Priming – relaxing the mind, exploring with related subjects, playing with ideas, playing, breaking the rules
  5. Idea expansion – experiencing the ying and yang principle, cross pollination of ideas, questioning, visualization– dare to dream through myths, metaphors and movies, unusual viewpoints and what if ?
  6. Simmering incubation – allowing the ideas to sizzle and cook while resting and doing unrelated things
  7. Validate – evaluating the best ideas, articulating the possibilities of how people will use these ideas
  8. Actioning – turning the best ideas into an action plan
The Facilitator

Gretel Bakker
Drawing upon an eclectic knowledge base of the arts, business and psychological concepts, Gretel has the vision, energy and creativity to manifest opportunities into realities; a skill she uses in her work with hundreds of corporate leaders.

“This program shows what it feels like to be innovative. It has proved I can innovate and set in process ideas that have great value. Thank you – you’ve managed to catapult my team and I into a new zone of confidence to step over the line and do something quite different”. Graeme Cunningham, CEO Australian Leisure and Hospitality, Fosters Group, Australia

‘I wish to thank you for the work you did with my team recently. I have surveyed the team extensively following the day and without exception they all not only enjoyed their experience but got a lot of relevant and useable ideas from it … Already there have been some noticeable improvements in the behaviours and results of many members of my team and I believe a lot of these improvements are a direct consequence of the training you delivered. I look forward to our partnership continuing.’ Steve Eltis, Financial Services, National Australia Bank
Our delegates tells us that the three gems they take away are:
  • New skills and increased confidence to generate new ideas

  • Game plans to create new pathways for success

  • Higher levels of motivation to pursue personal innovative potential

Venue & Fees

Date/Time: August 31, 2006, 9am - 5pm
Venue: World Trade Centre Club, Causeway Bay, HK
Fees: HK$2,800 (if registered before Aug 11, 2006)
HK$3,200 (Standard)
HK$2,660 (Group Discount - 5 or more)