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Keep It Simple And Profit

The ONE DAY workshop will help participants be more productive and cut through day-to-day complexity, ensuring personal as well as corporate success!

“ To make knowledge-work productive will be the great management task of this century.”
Peter Drucker, 1969

“ Complexity is holding our industry back right now…
this is the industry’s biggest challenge.”

28 Oct 2004, The economist

The great management guru Peter Drucker saw how large a challenge we faced in improving knowledge worker productivity. Almost four decades later, it’s not only critical, but now we have increasing complexity piled on top of the original challenge. Something must be done, now ! 

We need to focus on three areas:

  1. Simplify processes to increase productivity
  2. Enhance personal, team and management communication
  3. Ensure that every experience for both employees and customers is simple, clear and easy to use

Who Should Attend?

Directors, Heads of Dept, IT Directors, HR/Training Heads, Finance Directors, Internal Consultants, and those who wants to build a simpler environment, simpler products and simpler user experiences !


Using case studies and proven tips and tools from his research around the globe, Bill Jensen will provide all attendees with:

»  The five barriers to personal productivity that we can choose to change
»  The three things you must do before you communicate to anyone
»  How to listen more effectively
»  How to reduce anything down to a one-page summary
»  How to manager workflow more effectively
»  How to track whether you’re working smarter, and not just harder
»  and much more

The Facilitator

Bill Jensen

Bill is a best seller author, Simplicity: The New Competitive Advantage in World of More, Better, Faster, has spent the past decade studying business ability to design work. Bill’s first book, Simplicity, has been hailed as breakthrough in the design of communication and understanding, his second book, Work 2.0 being quoted as “the roadmap for effective leadership in the 21st century”. His latest book, What is your Life’s Work, captures the intimate exchanges between parents and kids and caring team-mates, all talking about what matters at work and life. His is an information architect with 25 years of experience in communication and change consulting (www.simplerwork.com)  Recent clients include Bank of America, Oracle, M&M/Mars, Pfizer, Walt Disney World, Shell Chemical, US Navy, the Government of Ontario, HK Government, Duracell, Swedish Postal Service, Hongkong Post, S’pore Institute of Management.

Venue & Fees

Date/Time: October 18, 2006, 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Venue: The Royal Pacific Hotel, TST
Fees: HK$3,500 (if register before 27 Sept, 2006)
HK$3,800 (Standard)
Lunch, refreshment & training materials included