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Customer Satisfaction Seminar

Successful companies use customer satisfaction as the basis for sustaining high performance. Hong Kong Benchmarking Clearinghouse has been gathering conducting numerous benchmarking studies on this topic. This workshop is designed to incorporating lessons learned from these studies into the specific key elements to success. The entire day is intended to stimulate discussion and to the extant possible, consensus about opportunities to adapt these best practices into your organization.


August 27, 2002


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


World Trade Centre Club


HK$1,600 (inclusive of lunch & workshop materials)

HBC Rate:

HK$1,200 (inclusive of lunch & workshop materials)

The seminar provides the vehicle to launch your organization’s implement initiatives, may that be business processing re-engineering, benchmarking, cost reduction or revenue enhancing project. The major objectives include:

  • Identify key drives of customer satisfaction
  • Provide a road map of how internal projects can integrate the voice of the customers
  • Identify key activities needed to fill the customer satisfaction gaps


  • Introduction & expectations
  • Understand the way in which customer satisfaction objectives are made consistent throughout the organization
  • Opportunity generation; what other companies are doing to create a shared value and key performance indicators
  • Customer contact process mapping; an illustration on how process can be re-engineered to be more customer driven
  • References will be made back to the customer contect process to illustrate critical factors
  • Action plan & conclusion; an review of the prioritization exercise with the participants and identify action on next steps

Your Facilitator

Sidney Yuen has worked, consulted and spoken regionally for over 20 years. He introduced the concept of the Baldrige Quality Award into Hong Kong in 1991. He had been the Founding Chairman of the HKMA Quality Award’s Board of Examines for five years. Sidney is Chairman of the Hong Kong Benchmarking Clearinghouse and the Hong Kong Call Centre Association. He is also the Founding Secretary of the Management Consultancies Association of Hong Kong. Prior to these current positions, Sidney was Customer Service Director at American Express and Practice Head of the Change Management Practice at Andersen Business consulting, Greater China.