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PMO Exchange Forum

HBC is collaborating with Protrain China, a Registered Education Provider of the Project Management Institute (PMI®), to launch the 1st Project Management Office (PMO) Management Tools Exchange Forum which will focus on challenges face by Project/Program Management professionals working in company based in Hong Kong/China. It is designed to help PMO professionals to: justify projects, analyze market sector forces, build investment business cases, manage project portfolio using PMO, launch new products using the TTM model and engage the supply market for procuring resources.

This exclusive exchange forum will be the place where you can exchange best practices, benchmark, initiate a network and more. Presentations from participating companies and we will address six management tools that are currently being used by PMO teams to help them achieve their operational objectives. Following the presentations there will be opportunities for brainstorming and workout sessions with various sessions to exchange views and benchmark with leading global companies.

The six management tools that will be addressed are:

  1. Market analysis
  2. Feasibility Study
  3. TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) / Business Case development
  4. PMO (Project Management Office) set-up phases
  5. TTM model (Time to Market) for new product development
  6. Procurement (Supplier Relationship Management SRM)

The process that we will follow to review each tool will be:

  1. Presentation of the tool methodology as per industry
  2. Presentation of their own experience with this management tool by one company participating at the forum
  3. Round table discussions by participants on benefits, requirements, issues and challenges

Each company represented at the forum is invited to pick one of the 6 tools and prepare a short presentation (30 min. max) on how they are applying it, their results, their issues, any lessons learned and recommendations.

Who Should Attend

Senior Managers, Directors or equivalent, who have the overall strategic responsibility of setting up or managing a project management office.
The objective is to share experience at the highest PMO management level.
Attendance is by invitation only.
The number of participants is limited.®

Presentation Topics: One presentation on one of the tools per the company

“Market Analysis”

The Majority of projects start with a market analysis to constantly ensure that we are working on the right project a condition to be able to do the project right. As part of a PMO, you need to ensure that the project is still the right one all along its life cycle. In this section we will review a framework that allows non-market professional to structure a market analysis for its project. We will look at the steps and deliverables of a simple market analysis. What tool do you use to keep yourself updated on the latest market trends, market power shift, threat or opportunities, and technology disruption? To evaluate future demands, to assess technology evolution? If you pick this topic, provide an example on how you did it.

“Feasibility Study”

A feasibility study is a project. There are some fundamentals that need to be cover in order to answer key business questions. In this section we will review a framework that defines what needs to be done. What tool do you use to identify the best solutions to solve problem or to fulfill the needs created from an opportunity? How do you ensure it is a viable or feasible solution that will deliver value to stakeholders? How do you capture requirements? If you pick this topic, provide an example on how you did it.

“TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) / Business Case”

How do you calculate your cost of ownership? How do you make a decision on TCO versus just using the price of acquisition? What tool do you use to develop business cases? How do you find the cost to use in your business case? If you pick this topic, provide an example on how you did it.

“PMO (Project Management Office)”

Did you set up a PMO? How did you do it? What is or what where the main challenges? How did you position in thin the company? What is the mandate? What are the roles and responsibilities? What methodology do you use? How do you deploy it? If you pick this topic, provide an example on how you did it.

“TTM Model (Time to Market)”

In this section we will review a project management life cycle targeted at the introduction of a new product to the market. It is called the time-to-market model. We will review the key components of this framework. Do you have to develop new products or launch new services? Do you have to deliver solutions to the market? What processes or methodology are you using? What decision-making processes with executives support the project? What are he challenges and issues? What are the phases of the project life cycle and the key deliverables for each phase? If you pick this topic, provide an example on how you did it.

“Procurement Process”

More and more relationships with vendors are affecting the availability of projects resources. The concept of supplier relationship management to managed jointly between PMO and procurement professionals to always have preference over competition on the supply market. How do you find prospect vendors? Do you use E procurement tools? Do you produce RFQ, RFP, IFB, and if so what are the key sections? How do you deal with consultants & contractors? What type of programs do you use to get an edge with suppliers over competitors? If you pick this topic, provide an example on how you did it.

NOTE: We are letting participants decide what information they can provide and what is proprietary data or intellectual property. The intent is not to provide information on products or services but on the management tools that you are using to reach a specific set of goals.

14 PDUs for PMP !!!

The Facilitator:

Francis Hung

Francis is a Principal of HBC. He has over 30 years of experience in project management and product and program development. He has been successful in delivering innovative products for Nortel for over 16 years. His experience includes Hi-rel aerospace design, silicon ASIC development management, telecom switch program manager, and China Mobile network management project manager, China Unicom CDMA HLR program manager. In 2000, he was V.P. of engineering for public listed company in Hong Kong, managing new product development in China.

Venue & Fees


19-20 March, 2009, 9.00 am - 6.00 pm

Venue: Prince Marco Polo Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui, H.K

HK$3,900 / Early Bird (if register before 05 March, 09)
HK$4,300 / Standard

note: Lunch, refreshment & training materials included

Please refer to our website for cancellation policy and registration terms and conditions. www.hbc.hk