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Business, Resilience and the Coach Within

Executive Coaching works and this training workshop will develop practical Coaching skills, essential in this time of change.

Course Outline:

For all of us, these may appear extraordinary times of global and environmental turbulence. Mankind’s recent history of 100,000 years is dwarfed by the dinosaurs’ 100,000,0000 year rule before they took to the air. This 1-day interactive training workshop will set the scene with the beginnings of Coaching and the practical skills that all leaders should have, and then focus on High Performance, Transformation and Resilience in Turbulent Times. Finally, the workshop covers how organisations can set up their own, in-house coaching service and ‘the coach within’. Delegates will be invited to bring a real example of a business or personal challenge that means something to them, summarizing the Theme, their Goal and the Reality of the surrounding circumstances. This example can be used during the workshop exercises and CoachFirst international will provide a free follow-up telephone coaching session as part of the admission fee.

Who Should Attend:

Academic - interested in the relevance of Coaching to business schools.
New Leaders – faced with juggling lots of priorities and making the right impact early on in that new role
Coaches and Consultants – as part of Continuing Professional Development and an opportunity to share experience
Senior Leaders – enjoying the journey however challenging, choosing the right coach, supporting your top team
HR and Development Professionals – making the best use of professional executive coaching, in-house or externally


The interactive workshop is divided into 3 parts:

The BBC story, for example
Theoretical Models and Psychological Roots
What CEO’s want from coaching

First 100 days coaching for new leaders
High-performance coaching for established leaders
In the eye of the storm - resilience in turbulent times
Transformation, Emotions and Zen
Compelling Futures

In-house coaching

The Facilitator:

Michael Stock
Director, Offshoring, National Outsourcing Association
BBC Executive Coach and CSR/Sustainability Consultant
Previously, co-founder and International Board director, CCA-Global

From 2008-2011, Michael was BBC Project Director and Head of Business & Partnerships for Marketing, Communications and Audiences, responsible for £100m projects and from 1996-2011, Co-Founder and International Board-Director for CCA-Global, the UK based Customer Contact Association. Currently, an ICF accredited BBC Executive Coach, Board Director National Outsourcing Association responsible for Off-shoring and Communications, Adviser to the UK Corporate Responsibility Group, and Co-Founder of CoachFirst international, an innovative coaching and management consultancy. Before joining BBC Radio in 1994, Michael worked as a lawyer, and set-up Sound Advice on BBC Radio and launched The Adviser magazine. He established the BBC's first contact centre in 1995 and later took a BBC sponsored MBA, specializing in negotiation, loyalty and globalization, co-producing one of the first reports and films on off-shoring, ‘The Call for India’ and trained as a BBC Executive coach in 2005.

Venue & Fees


November 22, 2011, 9am - 5pm

Venue: World Trade Centre Club, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

HK$3,800 / Early Bird (if register before 31 Oct, 2011)
HK$4,300 / Standard

note: Lunch, refreshment & training materials included