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Crew Resource Management in Healthcare Workshop

“Create High Reliability Care Systems in Hospitals through Effective Teamwork and Communication”

Our training is built around a key set of teamwork and communication skills that enhance team-based performance in high-risk settings. The core methodology and skill sets have been adopted from the aviation industry’s proven training methodology known as Crew Resource Management (CRM).

This workshop focuses on teaching individuals about the basic processes underlying effective teamwork and communication. This includes role clarification, goal setting, problem solving and interpersonal relations. Sessions include individual and team-based activities designed to correct, evaluate and measure communication behavior and techniques.

Our workshop is delivered through a combination of presentations, demonstration, and practice-based methods to present teamwork knowledge, skills and attitudes. Topics are reinforced with clinically relevant discussions and breakout skill development sessions. It is experiential to create positive interaction and maximum team buy-in. Participants leave the workshop with the competence needed to begin using CRM skills immediately.

Topics Covered Include:
  • Human Error and Patient Safety
  • Effective and Efficient Teamwork
  • Integrated Leadership Strategies
  • Situational Awareness
  • Briefings and Checklists
  • SBAR: Standardized Communication
  • Normalization of Deviance
  • Stress and Fatigue Management

Crew Resource Management
Characteristics of Effective Teams
Communication Techniques
Individual Assertiveness
Debriefing Strategies
High Reliability
Threat Management and Red Flags
Critical Language

"Each participant will receive a complete Crew Resource Management in Healthcare training package including:
  • CRM training workbook
  • Human Factors Puzzle & Communication Exercise
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Name Tent

Three Quick Reference Hang Tags
Book: CRM from Patient Safety to High Reliability
Workshop Exercise, Resource Pad and Pen

Who Should Attend:
Hospital Executives, Patient Safety Champions, Quality Directors, Managers, Leaders and Champions, Doctors and Nurses, Clinical Educators, Performance Improvement Team Members, Risk Managers, Simulation Leaders, Department Heads & Unit Leaders
Our Trainer:

David Marshall is Chairman and CEO of Safer Healthcare, a leading education and consulting company based in Denver, Colorado. David delivers talks and keynote addresses worldwide on Crew Resource Management and the creation of high reliability systems in health care through the development of safety, quality and cost savings programs using Lean strategies. He advises boards, executives and organizations in a variety of industries on high reliability concepts, including CRM, High Reliability and Lean programming. David has written numerous articles and books, including: “Crew Resource Management: From Patient Safety to High Reliability,” “Using Human Factors to Enhance Patient Safety” and “CRM and High Reliability Concepts in Healthcare.”

Dr. Bill Schuler is a Director of Safer Healthcare’s training and educational services since 2004, a Master Crew Resource Management Trainer. Dr. Schuler is a retired orthopedic surgeon who specializes in Crew Resource Management education and program development. As a pilot, Dr. Schuler is uniquely qualified to address the overlap and intersection of aviation and health care safety levels and threat and error management. Dr. Schuler possesses the first hand experience needed to address hospital staff and physician issues regarding patient safety and the delivery of care in high risk settings.
Dr. Schuler has conducted grand rounds, integrated and interdisciplinary nurse and physician training workshops as well as executive leadership sessions at over 250 leading healthcare institutions. During his tenure as an active orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Schuler served in various leadership roles including President of the Medical Staff as and Chairman for Continuous Quality Improvement.