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Building a Center of Excellence via Shared Services

With the increasing need to be competitive and cost-effective, organizations are realising the benefits of implementing a shared service strategy. More than just centralisation and consolidation, shared services add a higher level of service while cutting unnecessary costs. Most studies on Shared Services show that savings of up to 30% have been achieved. The concept can apply to almost all support functions and to both Multi-national Corporations and Government Departments. The Government of Ontario, the South Australia Government and the Government of Alberta have all achieved huge savings by implementing the shared services concept.

This workshop is specially designed to provide participants with an understanding of shared services and how to implement shared services to improve business results. Participants will also learn the process of setting up a shared service project. The workshop will include detailed case studies on a multinational corporation and a medium size government organization. There are also interactive sessions and hands on activities.


December 3, 2002


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Galaxy Function Room 33/F
8 Shelter Street,
Rosedale Hotel, Causeway Bay


HK$1,600 (inclusive of lunch & workshop materials)

Early Bird & HBC Rate:

HK$1,200 (if registered before November 18, 2002)


  1. Introduction to Shared Services and Business Process Re-engineering concepts
  2. Benefits of Shared Services
  3. Selecting the functions and activities
  4. Building the Business Case
  5. Designing and configuring the Shared Service Model
  6. Final Implementation
  7. Performance Measures and Continuous Improvement
  8. Best Practices examples

Your Facilitator

Chris Lau has worked and consulted on the topics of Shared Services and Business Process Re-engineering for many years. A well-known and experienced Shared Service practitioner, Chris is frequently invited to speak at conferences on Shared Services in Asia, the US and Europe.

Chris was the Director of Shared Services at Bausch & Lomb. In this role, he was responsible for leading and managing the Asian Shared Service Center which provided accounting and financial services for all Bausch & Lomb’s business units in Asia Pacific. He was also in charge of the treasury, tax and credit functions in the Asian region. Chris’s experience included working for the Australian Government at the Department of Industries, Technology and Commerce, Deloitte & Touche and Hoyts Corporation.

For further enquiries, please call Winnie Chow on 2572-6428.